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Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

When a word and number arrangement machine is given an input line of words and numbers, it arranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of an input and its rearrangement (all the numbers are two-digit numbers):

Input : 31 exide core 25 35 ruin none 42 23 goal
Step I : core exide 25 35 ruin none 42 23 goal 31
Step II : exide core 25 35 ruin none 42 goal 31 23
Step III : goal exide core 25 35 ruin none 31 23 42
Step IV : none goal exide core 35 ruin 31 23 42 25
Step V : ruin none goal exide core 31 23 42 25 35

And step V is the last step of the above arrangement as the intended arrangement is obtained. As per the rules followed in the given steps, find out the appropriate steps for the given input.

Input : root flow 33 43 each 73 thin mine 12 62 drop 54

  • 1. In step III, which element appears between ‘root’ and ‘62’?
    A. Both ‘73’ and ‘thin’ B. Only ‘thin’
    C. ‘73’, ‘thin’ and ‘mine’ D. Both ’73’ and ‘mine’
    E. None of these

  • 2. What is the position of ‘drop’ to the left of ‘62’ in Step IV?
    A. Sixth B. Fifth
    C. Seventh D. Eighth
    E. None of these

  • 3.
    How many element are there between ‘mine’ and 33’ in the last Step?
    A. Three B. Four
    C. Five D. Six
    E. None of these

  • 4.
    Which is the fourth element to the left of the seventh element from the left end in the second-last step?
    A. mine B. root
    C. 73 D. 43
    E. None of these

  • 5. How many steps will be required to complete the arrangement?
    A. Six B. Seven
    C. Five D. Eight
    E. None of these