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  • 1.
    The total market approach to finding a target market will probably be UNSUCCESSFUL when:
    A. Product differentiation is used.
    B. The firm defines the total market as its target market.
    C. People within the market have heterogeneous needs.
    D. People within the market have homogeneous needs.
    E. None of these

  • 2.
    The purpose of market segmentation is to:
    A. differentiate among similar products.
    divide the total market to allow the marketer to develop a more precise marketing mix
    C. reduce the overall cost of marketing activities
    identify a single marketing mix that will be satisfy market segments.
    E. meet the needs of homogeneous markets.

  • 3.
    A firm with limited resources can compete with much larger organisations by:
    A. concentrating its efforts on a single segment.
    B. using a multi-segment targeting strategy.
    C. using a geographical segmentation variable.
    D. using multivariable segmentation.
    E. concentrating its efforts on the total population.

  • 4.
    Toyota Motors, specifically keeping the Indian roads into considertation, is planning to launch a new luxury car.  Which one of the following would be a likely variable for segmenting the market for this new model?
    A. Religion B. Geographic location
    C. Income D. Political views
    E. Race

  • 5.
    McDonald’s uses a segmentation strategy for its sandwiches based on characteristics such as age, gender and income. It is using which group of segmentation variables?
    A. Demographic      B. Psychographic
    C. Geographic D. Education
    E. Product related