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  • 1.
    All of the following are major steps in developing new products except _________ .
    A. test marketing B. evaluation of competitors’ efforts
    C. screening D. business analysis
    E. idea generation

  • 2.
    Which step in developing new products involves determining whether the product idea is compatible with company objectives, needs, and resources on a general level?
    A. Product development
    B. Idea screening
    C. Idea generation D. Business analysis
    E. Marketing

  • 3.
    During which stage of new product development does the firm consider profitability?
    A. Idea generation B. Testing
    C. Business analysis D. Product development
    E. Compatibility research

  • 4.
    When Hyundai Motors offers to let qualified buyers test-drive the new i20, the dealer is primarily trying to stimulate which stage of the product adoption process?
    A. Awareness B. Interest
    C. Evaluation D. Trial
    E. Adoption

  • 5.
    A company wanting to maintain market share during the maturity stage requires moderate and sometimes large _________
    A. Advertising expenditures B. Distribution expenditures
    C. Production expenditures D. Price increase
    E. Packaging modifications